Bring Sustainability to Our Garbage Collection

In two years, our trash contract is up. This will allow us an opportunity to combat climate change because we will comprehensively address our waste. We will bring composting to the curbside, focus on reduction of waste, and expand our recycling efforts.


Build Water Fountains in Parks and Fields

The vast majority of green spaces in Melrose have no water access. We need to bring water fountains to all parks and fields. This is a significant way to reduce plastic, bring water to people so they don’t have to bring it themselves in single use plastic. It benefits athletes, dog walkers, the Farmer’s market and all pedestrians.


Carbon Neutrality by 2050

My administration will partner with the Melrose Energy Commission so we create a formal “Green Plan” intended to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050. We will endeavor a plan that beats this timeline and capture cost reductions in our residences, buildings and fleets. 


Join the Community Preservation Act

Over the years, Melrose had a couple of chances to acquire the land at issue with the Swain’s Pond Development, but we failed to do so. We need to join the Community Preservation Act. The CPA helps communities preserve open space. Because we have not joined we’ve left money on the table as well as opportunities. If we had joined the CPA decades ago, we would have had the funds to purchase the land and stop the Swain’s Pond Development before it started.


Non-Auto Transit

I will remove the Mayor’s parking space and commit to non-auto transit as often as possible. In fact the Mayor’s parking spot is in front of a veteran memorial and I will re-dedicate that space for any automobile with Veteran plates.