Financial Transparency

I will create an “open checkbook” available on the home page of the City’s website to provide financial transparency to the public with easy access to expenditure information for the current fiscal year, as well as historical views of previous years. As well as government spending by department, fund, vendors and our enterprise and stabilization funds. It will be interactive too and allow the user to run searches and queries. 


Committee Transparency

We need to increase the transparency of the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Their meetings must be recorded and televised on MMTV as the topics they discuss have a large impact on our neighborhoods and community. In my opinion these two boards are the two most important non-elected boards in the City that can frequently be involved in legal proceedings. It is not only prudent that they are recorded, but an issue of access and accountability as well. Yet the Planning Board is huddled in a small conference room that can barely hold its members. The ZBA, while they meet in the Aldermanic Chamber, their meetings aren’t recorded and should be.


Be Responsive to Residents

For too long our municipal government has not been held accountable to the will of Melrosians. To ensure that all residents have their voices heard, I will re-start the Mayor’s podcast and create a virtual comment box for ideas from residents with responses from the Mayor’s office. I will work to host regular Q&A sessions with residents at family friendly times, hold frequent office hours outside of City Hall, increase our presence on social media with all departments and have a more rapid response to issues and improvements ongoing in our community. I will ask that one of my staff hold the role of social media & communications director to streamline communications, but also to be more informative about events/projects happening around town and a particular focus on our schools.