Mike Zwirko Promises To Benefit Future Of Green Melrose: Letter

Mike Zwirko Promises To Benefit Future Of Green Melrose: Letter

These high school students can't vote, but they are making the most of their voice.

Sep 12, 2019 11:02 pm ET
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The following was submitted by Melrose High students Ethan Cesar, Alex Germain, and Dan Urchuk. Let your voice be heard by signing up for a free account and posting.

To the Editor,

The threat of climate change is more prevalent than ever, and as people who will be dealing with its repercussions the rest of our lives, we believe our input is necessary to how Melrose conducts itself in the future.

Melrose is not a major player in the climate change crisis, and the city has done a good job to reduce our wasteful practices. Under Mayor Dolan, the city pledged to become a NetZero community by 2050, and more recently, under Mayor Infurna, Melrose's Board of Aldermen passed a plastic bag ban.

The next mayor of Melrose needs to build on the city's past work to make sure our community continues its environmentally-conscious practices. For this job we believe Mike Zwirko will be best fit. His plans for future sustainability in Melrose are comprehensive and innovative, and will benefit our community for years to come.

Sustainability is very important to Mike Zwirko. Mike was at the forefront of our city's plastic bag ban as a member of the Board of Aldermen. As mayor, he wants to bring compost to the curbside, which will greatly reduce the amount of waste Melrose residents send to landfill every year. Additionally, Mike wants to hasten our efforts at achieving NetZero, the sooner we can neutralize our carbon emissions the better. Mike also wants to bring water access to Melrose's major parks and other areas of recreation. Those who frequent these areas can attest to how much litter is accrued in the form of single-use drink bottles, and Mike's plan will lessen it significantly.

We cannot vote in Melrose's upcoming election, but the future actions of our community are important regardless. There are five great candidates in our upcoming election, however we believe Mike Zwirko promises to benefit the future of a green Melrose the most.

Melrose High School students Ethan Cesar, Alex Germain, and Dan Urchuk

Mike Zwirko