Mike Zwirko Lays Out Issues In Campaign Kickoff

Alderman At-Large Mike Zwirko officially launched his campaign to become the next Mayor of Melrose on Tuesday.

Melrose Patch
By Mike Carraggi, Patch Staff
Jun 7, 2019 5:35 pm ET

The following was submitted by Mike Zwirko for Mayor:

Alderman At-Large Mike Zwirko officially launched his campaign to become the next Mayor of Melrose on Tuesday, June 4th. Over 100 supporters filled the Great Room at Jack Flats Apartments to celebrate the kickoff. Zwirko delivered a rousing speech that emphasized the opportunity that the upcoming mayoral election provides for the city.

"We don't have to settle for the way it has always been and hope that things change," said Zwirko. "Instead, lets drive that change on our terms and demand it. More of the same is not a path towards prosperity, it is stagnant and our future can't afford it."

Zwirko laid out a future for Melrose centered around policy initiatives for economic development, sustainability, and education. "As Mayor, one of my first actions will be to hire an Economic Development Director (EDD) to work in our Office of Planning and Community Development," promised Zwirko. "The role of an EDD can work to bring in new businesses and even help support our Chamber of Commerce with new community events."

Zwirko also emphasized the importance on fighting climate change on a local level. "My administration will partner with the Melrose Energy Commission so we create a formal green plan intended to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050." The expiration of the trash contract in two years provides an opportunity to introduce sustainability into garbage collection. In order to do so, Zwirko said, "We will bring composting to the curbside, focus on reduction of waste and expand our recycling efforts."

Zwirko concluded by addressing what he views as the most important issue in the election: education. Noting that the mayor sits on the school committee, Zwirko called for updating school curriculum to emphasize interdisciplinary learning in order to prepare students for adult life. He also proposed hiring of an Inclusion and Diversity Director that covers all levels of Melrose Public Schools to ensure that this city remains true to its motto, "One Community Open to All."

Zwirko offered other policy proposals, but concluded on what establishes him apart from other candidates in the race. "My vision for Melrose goes beyond statements. I am putting forth real proposals that I intend to employ. That is what you should demand from your next Mayor: someone with a vision beyond the term itself."

Zwirko offered many other proposals that laid out his vision for Melrose, but the event was not entirely about policy itself - it kicked off with a heartfelt introduction by Zwirko's former Melrose Alliance Against Violence mentee, Adam Liebermann, who said, "Mike helped make Melrose better for me and that's why I'm confident he can make Melrose better for all of us as well."

If you are interested in learning more about mayoral candidate Mike Zwirko or want to get in touch with the campaign, visit www.zwirko.com.

Mike Zwirko