Here's What Sets Mike Zwirko Apart: Letter

Here's What Sets Mike Zwirko Apart: Letter

"Mike cares about this community in a way that I haven't felt from many of our elected officials and people in city hall."

Sep 12, 2019 10:45 pm ET
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On September 17th I'll be casting my vote for Mike Zwirko for Mayor. Mike cares about this community in a way that I haven't felt from many of our elected officials and people in city hall.

A quick story: This past year took my wife and I on a parking journey we didn't expect. We unfortunately need to have two cars in order to travel to (and for) our jobs, but haven't been able to afford a place in town that offers us two parking spots. Due to the overnight parking ban, we spent the last four years moving our car every morning before 8am to and from a municipal lot using the overnight parking pass, carefully avoiding the "no parking" times. One day this year we heard (from a neighbor on Facebook of all places) that the city would start enforcing different hours at the municipal lots than what we had been informed of by City Hall. When we talked to city hall they didn't know or seem to care why the paper they gave us for years had stated that we could park until 8am, which was apparently false. This meant that we would now have to get up every day of the week to move our car out of the municipal lot by 6:00am. According to our city, because we can't afford a home with a personal driveway we are never allowed to sleep past 5:30am, and this made us feel very unwelcome in a city we had called home for many years. We reached out to a few elected officials, one of whom gave us a one-sentence answer shrugging off the situation, while another immediately told us we were wrong for bringing up the issue.

Mike Zwirko was the only person we reached out to who was actually willing to listen to our issue. We weren't completely on the same page at first, but as our conversation went on Mike listened and learned more about our situation. By the end of our meeting I felt like Mike truly understood our frustration in town, and was able to sympathise and discuss the possible solutions.The issue remained on his mind over the following week, and he ended up personally finding us a legal, dedicated place to park in town!

This is something that sets Mike apart: When you come to him with an issue, his very first instinct is to help you find solutions, not to say no, or that it's impossible -- and that's an amazing trait to have in a mayor.

His inclination to find solutions stems from his constant search for solutions in our city. He knows the city like the back of his hand, and he isn't just saying what he wants for Melrose, he's detailing how we're going to get there. To develop the city economy Mike will hire an Economic Development Director, adequately staff the Inspections Department, and amend our puritan alcohol restrictions. To improve our education Mike will substitute teach three times a year, hire an Inclusion and Diversity Director, and expand interdisciplinary learning. And to increase sustainability in the city Mike will build water fountains in our parks and fields, work on composting in our schools and businesses, as well as bringing the Community Preservation Act back to the table. Mike's goals are ambitious, and they all have a sturdy foundation and a clear path to completion - which as we've gleaned from the last mayoral debate, is incredibly
important to making strides in progress and stability for Melrose.

And the cherry on top, Mike already has a plan to give one parking spot back to Melrose! He has promised to give up the mayoral parking spot (who even knew that existed?!?) and designate it for veteran parking. Vote Mike Zwirko for Mayor on September 17th!

Mike Zwirko