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Hey, I’m Mike. I’m your neighbor, and I want to be your next mayor.

Like my parents, I was born and raised in Western, Massachusetts. After graduating from the College of the Atlantic in Maine, I moved to Boston to pursue a career in financial services. Needing access to public transportation, my wife Erin and I chose to rent an apartment in Melrose. After falling in love with the community, we saved all we could to build our lives here and we bought our home on Derby Road. Since then, we’ve been active members of the community serving on various commissions, committees and as dedicated volunteers to civic organizations.

I am running to be your Mayor because I know that I have the experience, skills, and drive to move us forward. Because I’ve worked in both local government and the private sector, I know how to create innovative solutions by disrupting the old mind-set. I’m also an approachable leader who embraces new ideas and actively listens to all sides of an issue. I am relentless in my pursuit of progress, and I would be honored to lead this city as its next Mayor.


But I know success never happens alone; it is achieved by the work of many. I am running to serve Melrose, and I cannot move us forward without your insight and ideas. As stakeholders in government, your insight and ideas are crucial. Something I’ve learned in business and as an alderman is that I know I don’t have a monopoly on ideas. As your Mayor, I will bring that value to our city government so that it operates openly, for the common good, with a focus on results and inclusion.

To accomplish great things we need vision, a vision for Melrose that transcends change and points us directly towards our future. I have and will continue to discuss the tough issues and face them head-on with thoughtful and innovative approaches: for as long as it takes to get them done. Whether it be how we educate our children, expanding our tax base, or stabilizing our fiscal burdens; I intend to embrace all the creative, disruptive and strategic ideas that ensure they happen.

Please become involved, join this campaign to improve our community. If you have an idea or an issue, please let me know about it! This is a campaign of we, not me. Melrose can only improve when we all take part. I am running for Mayor to do exactly that: Improve our city and quality of life - for all of Melrose.

Let’s talk!


Quick Facts:

Name: Michael Patrick Zwirko

Occupation: Financial Services

Political Experience: Alderman-at-Large since 2016 (2018 Board President)

Hobbies: Backpacking, Hiking, Running, Camping, Baseball, Melrose Football games, Spending time at Lake Winnipesaukee and Acadia National Park, US History, Visiting Botanical Gardens with Erin

Personal Heroes: Rachel Carson, Bobby Kennedy, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Madeleine Albright