Combat Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias cannot be uncovered without changing institutional processes. We will anonymize city job applications to remove any inherent bias in names, gender, and age. We will implement unconscious bias training for all City Employees, existing and new hires. Diversity trainings and educational campaigns will be run throughout the year so continual progress can be made and awareness raised.


Update Our Hiring Practices

Currently, Melrose only posts job openings on the City’s website. We must update our hiring process by making it more fair and inclusive to larger pools of candidates. We will post beyond the City’s website, through state-wide associations, trade and civic organizations. We want the best candidates, so let’s increase the pool of them.


Increase Diversity in Municipal Government

Melrose must instill much needed diversity in municipal government. In order to do so we will mandate that the composition of all non-elected boards and commissions are at least 50% female. We need to increase the diversity of experiences and opinions so our commissions can operate better. They must represent the makeup of our community.