With the passage of the override the question now is how will the funds from the override will be applied and administered for the years ahead. We need to respect that and see that the monies are spent to address these needs and done so in a way that it is not squandered. I believe that my private sector experience, working in the financial sector with Fidelity Investments, and time as the President of the Board of Aldermen makes me the right person to oversee the override.


Charter Schools

We must strive to keep more children in our district instead of losing them to charter schools or specialized schools. If we re-dedicate efforts to early learning interventionists we can proactively catch struggling students and help them improve. By keeping children in our district we save on costs that we would incur should they seek educational services elsewhere.


View from the Classroom

As Mayor, I will request to be a substitute teacher at least 3 times a year at each level: elementary, middle and high schools. I was the community representative on the Middle School site council for 4 years. This provided me a unique view of the middle school but one that didn’t go far enough. To see first-hand what is going on in our schools and experience the environment of a classroom, I need to stand in front of students. The school department accounts for a considerable portion of our budget and for most of our employees as well as a student body of nearly 4,100. Having this perspective can keep me better informed on the issues in our schools.


Expand Interdisciplinary Learning

We must work on continual improvement of our learning programs, our educational environments and experiences so that our children are ready for the economic environment that we are currently adopting to. To prepare our students for adult life, let’s use methodologies that don’t teach to a result, instead use ones that teach the learner how to learn so they can adaptively problem solve using several disciplines. The jobs our children will have, likely don’t even exist yet. So let’s prepare them to creatively problem solve instead of looking for a linear answer.


Integrate Inclusion into MPS Curriculum

We need to hire an Inclusion and Diversity Director for our district to cover all levels. Many districts have inclusion and diversity directors that seek out curriculum and education methods to bring them into the classroom and ensure that older ways our educators may have approached a lesson could be updated or removed all together. As the world grows, our community changes. We need to be able to adapt to these changes.